Friday, September 12, 2014


I am not really sure what I am getting my self into here this weekend?
I had always said that I would not race the Chequamegon, but after almost eight years of living in 
Wisco and being asked all the time if I race it I figured why not.
Well that was months ago that I signed up and now I am going to have to tow the line.
Last weekend doing some hot laps I blew a spoke out of my back wheel on the LaMare, 
So I changed my mind on which bike to ride. 
The Blackbuck has gone through a few changes
over the week finally getting the stock steel fork on it and 
multiple gear changes. 
I started the week out with a 44x20 which was a 63.8 inch gear which I could move but was 
worried about the distance and more than that my back..
So now I have a 36x17 61.5 so lower and I know that I will spin my brains out at times
but I hope to have more in the tank at the end.
Not really sure what my goal is for the weekend is,, FUN is the only
words that I have written down.
We are going to be camping at the KOA and it is going to be 
cold the next two nights but the the popper has a heater and it will be in full use. 
So as the morning continues  I will check my list of stuff needed and make sure that I have 
warm clothes along with skateboard gear in case we get the chance to go to
Tom's place and get rad on his half pipe.. 
So this could either be a whole lot of fun riding racing with 3000 other people or it could be two plus hours of hurting and asking why am I doing this to my self.. "Legendary"  are the words that I am seeing this morning on the interwebs.
What ever it is going to be it is going to be a Party.. 

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