Friday, September 26, 2014

MaRgIn WaLkEr

Thirteen days after by far the nastiest crash on a bike or board or skis,
I was cleared not only to go back to work but to pedal my Bike!
The Doctor is limiting me to  pavement, which I promptly asked isn't that what caused the 
issue to start with?
Still not wanting me to jiggle my grey matter too much.
That being said for the first time in almost two weeks I got to 
put on my superman suit and spin my wheels. 
The sound of my King Hubs buzzing along the lonely roads of western wisco 
was such a great sound. I kept it in the little ring and just tooled right along. 
Again huge thanks to my wife who has been there for me through out this whole 
situation,, I know that it has been  tough at times for you and could not have
recovered with out you.
I still have some healing to du but as of now my spirits are high 
for the first time in a while. 
Twist away the Gates of Steel.. And Keep the Wheels Moving :)

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