Friday, September 19, 2014

Daze Later

We had the Rav packed down and ready for a weekend of fun in the Northwoods.
Never have stayed at a KOA we were excited when we pulled in and had a pull through spot to set up camp.
Dropped the trailer and sent the boy to play at the park. 
It was still early enough in the day where I wanted to go and test the bike out and see the finish of the race.
It was cold at the venue with some passing showers, Anna and James went out for a hike 
while I rode.  Over and over gear ratios went through my head trying to figure if I had chosen right. 
Riding the course out backwards I was happy with the number that I chosen and the wheels
were turning happily along. 
Four and one half out I turned and headed back to registration.
For all the stories that I had heard I was shocked to see how hilly it got towards the end. 
I Got my number for the front row and moved into the single speed class and all things were
We took the party back into town and found some dinner, before heading back to the KOA.
Once there we found that  a majority of the Laddies Loppet crew were there and James was off like a flash to play with all of his friends. 
Some tunes and drinks by the fire we all shared stories and 
stayed warm,, the clouds were to clear out and overnight lows were to bottom out..

Race morning brought sub 32 degree temps and time for coffee and breakfast. 
getting warm and staying warm were going to be the key for the day.
After a few cups of coffee and few stops at the crapper I was ready to head to the line, 
A nice two mile warm up into town.. The sun was out and I was feeling good. 
Tons of high fives were being slapped and new and old faces were seen. 
I found my place in the line up and chatted with some friends and sang along to the national anthem.
We started rolling and I was making sure that I stayed on some wheels that I knew.
We turned out on to 77 and the pace would quicken and then slow and then again,, 
I was trying to stay toward the front spinning out at some 25mph,, but again comfortable. 
The last things that I remember is the front starting to string out.
Then that was it.
I have watched the video over and over and you cant see anything other than me on the ground. 

Wish that I had more to piece together,, again I have to say a huge thank you to Tall Dave for walk out into the crowd and helping me. 
To the hospital staff in both Hayward and Duluth,, that took such great care of me. 
To my Wife and son who were there every inch of the way.
To all the teammates and friends who either checked up on me or made our return back home easy.
And to the Sponsors who made the trip possible,,
Chris King,, Velocity.. Thomson,, WTB,,, Look Usa.
Even though I did not finish I still have  a story to tell for years to come. 
With out the help from these great company's and people I could not continue to live the 

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