Friday, October 17, 2014

I can Smell It

We have down sized here at the homestead to one car.. The truth is I still own two cars
but only one lives at the house with us any more. As a whole Anna and I are bad parents because we don't want to do the two hour drive to get Pip back and forth to school, so when it was time in August for her to head back to Higher Learning we told her to take the Mini Van.
So this means a few different things 1: at some point in time we may need to get our hands on another automobile but until the demand shows its self we will go with out. 
2: she can come home when and if she want,, like this weekend so she can race the last Minnesota Mountain Bike race. 3: There are time when getting to boy to his after school activities get to be interesting .   
Nothing in this town is far away, so a bike can get you most places. Some routes are safer and better than others and trying to motivate a ten year old can be tough. 
But I was able to get him fired up to ride his bike to Karate a easy three mile hop that at his 
pace takes close to twenty minutes. Once you get him moving and things tend to work, it is just trying to get him to want to. And for me instead of watching class it gave me time to get out and ride in the
late fall sunshine. 
Temps were in the high 60's and the sun was shining even if the angle is low it is still sun and I am lacking Vitamin D. After some six weeks of  dust were removed from the LaMere and air into the 
tires we were moving and I was on a Mountain Bike for the first time in over a month.
Now the doc said that I can ride my Mountain bikes just not on single track,,,,,, again he explained the risk of injury from crashing or hitting a tree or just my grey matter moving around too much in my skull would not be good for my recovery. 
As hard as it is for me to adhere to his rules I did..  The overall sensation of riding on a Fat Tire bike
was Just Like Heaven. It just felt
Right.. Like my body was made to be in that position, And once James was at class and I was able to 
put some power to the pedals,, all the bike wanted to do was go.   I had a round an hour to play 
and I did just this.  Up the old quarry road just to test my legs but more my lungs. Riding this old road is splitting hairs,, it  is not on the Band List of places that I can ride but it flirts with edge of
where I should not be.  It was like kissing the love of your life again for the first time.. That 
feeling of wow this is great and I want more but I know that I need to take it slow and 
not ruin a great thing. 
So that was what I did just rode taking it easy looking and listing to the wind in the changing leaves, finding little nooks of funny rocks and trees that normally not seen because of pedaling too fast to notice.  It was Two Wheeled Therapy. 
Slow and Low Let Your Self Go.
I will get to ride something again on Saturday before heading up to Red Wing to watch the kids race
and cheer on the rest of the team. I am also going to get to see
 a bunch of people that I have not seen since I got hurt... So it should be a good weekend, all 
surrounded by Wheels,, Two, Four and all Round! 

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