Monday, October 13, 2014


As of Saturday it has been four weeks since my crash that landed me broken
and ER bound. Friday I had my fourth CT scan in as many weeks,
to check the healing of my fractured skull and broken cheek bone. 
My doctor called mid afternoon on Friday to give me the results and tell me what 
he wants from me as the process of healing continues. 
The bones he said are healing, and thinks that in another four weeks or so they should
be all back together, No bleeding or abnormal spots on my brain,, which is great news,, and the swelling is going down.  This is all great, each day my cheek starts to hurt less and less and the pain felt in my sinus and upper teeth starts to go away,, soon I should be able to eat on the right side of my mouth. 
The next part I was ready for as my wife had tipped me off the night before, as she works in the same hallway as my doc.  He went on to say that until my head was solid again or until he gives the
ok that I am not to be riding my bike in the woods.  Riding on the road would be ok,, and even on the rails to trails/gravel,, just no Mountain Biking. When asked why he responded that the risk of injuring my while riding rough trail even if I don't crash is too high. So I said what about the skate boarding that I have been doing with the boy?? He did not have a problem with this as long as I kept it mellow and stayed out of the half pipe. 
Needles to say I am very happy for the progress of my healing and happy that no long term brain damage has been done,, I am bummed that I can't ride in the woods during one of the most beautiful   times of the year.

                       I am very happy to be alive and still be able to provide for my family, and yes I do                               get to ride a bike or bikes as long as I stay out of the woods.

But that is when the extent of my happy ends..
The anger that bubbles up from under all of this is still fueling my dreams and
The list is long and I could go on,,, and on..
I am mad about all that this has put my family though mainly my wife,, 
I get pissed with I look outside or on the interwebs and see all the fall riding pictures or teammates out racing raging and have a good time. 
I livid when I think of all the money that is being spent due to the crash,, the 250 dollar hotel room my wife had to get in  downtown Duluth as starters. 
The fact that the insurance company for the event said sorry have a nice day.
The fact that the persons or person who helped cause the wreck has not come 
forward to at least ask if I am ok.. 
And the Fact that I still four weeks later don't know what happened. 
Yes I could go on for awhile about what grinds my gears,,  but I have
to try to stay positive and hug my wife and kids and be happy that I am not drooling on 
my self or force to eat nothing but mush.  I have ridden and raced bikes for
a long time and plan on doing it for a lot longer,, and never want anyone else
to have to visit the dark places that I been.... 
Sorry not trying to be negative on a monday morning,, but better here than in the monday morning meeting at work,, those poor guys take the brunt of my WTF anger..
Stay Classy Internet,,, And du nice things for one another.. 

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