Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All Five

Clearing out the cobwebs through sensory overload has been working for me.
Again in the world of bike riding my rides as of late have not been the epic all day types but nonetheless ones that get all my synapses firing.
Yesterday I had to convince my self to get into the super suit and ride after work.
Temps were in the low 50's and the wind was gusting, with off and on rain showers/sprinkles. 
Now riding in the rain is one thing getting motivated to ride in late October, is a whole different story.
After doing the scramble through the closet and bedroom trying to find coldish weather gear
I finally ended up with no knee warmers,, but a large gob of embro on each leg and settled for a rain style jacket for protection.  
Chilled at first, but just overwhelmed by the cool breeze and all the colors as the leaves that are left continue to float down from their homes of the last  seven months. 
The only true set back was that of a stopped train that had me having to make a decision on what route to take,, and being  I did not want to waste too much time I took the path less traveled.  
Once on the trail that heads to the top I was greeted with empty space just me, my bike, and late fall 
air. And with all the wind most of the leaves are off the tress  so now you can look through forest and see for what feels like miles. 
After popping out on top and heading down into the quarry the once warm body from climbing up the bluff was now pretty damn cold,, but the effort was not going to be too though for the pedal home,,being almost all down hill.
Darkness showed up shortly after pulling into the garage,, which again has me thinking that I need to get my light charged up,
Daylight savings time will be here this weekend, and we'll have to embrace the Darkness.. 

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