Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ollie North

It is already Wednesday and I have not ridden since Saturday. Days are 
short and nights are long and motivation is hard to come by when it is cold and frozen in the morning, and the afternoons disappear into night..  I keep telling my self to charge my lights and never get to doing it,, so maybe 
by typing it here I may have to do just that? I have to say that seeing 
as I am not supposed to be riding single track and am limited to where I can ride in the daylight
I'm not to sure how riding in the dark will go. 
Something needs to happen or I am going to have to start letting all of my pants out and 
but all new Tshirts this guy is getting hefty. And I am not about 
to start riding rollers yet,,, I stress yet because a day may come when this happens. 

Yesterday it was requested that we (the boy and I) go street skating. 
Now there are not a lot of great spots around the home, but I was willing to give it a shot. 
Our goal was to get to the VFW where they have the elusive yellow parking block.
He so badly wants to start doing some rail slides, but every ledge and rail at the park are a bit 
above his skill set at this time. 
So we did as we used to in the 80's we hopped on our 7 ply maple and rode some
sidewalks till we got to the spot. 
We was working it getting on and off front and backside,, not really sliding but getting some 
stalls and feeling the motion. 
From here we spent the rest of the afternoon sunlight surfing through the fallen leaves and riding every fresh section of new pavement that we could find. 
Their was even an after dinner session at the park where the Rocket was getting 

               Ollie tips from the local Pro skater kids,, The kid needs to learn this Ollie thing.
It is safe to say that it is holding him back,, the concept is there just not clicking..
So two things need to happen before we head off to the 303 in two weeks,,,
he needs to get this Ollie thing down so he can have more fun on the skate tour....
And I need to get this shoulder healed or at least feeling better so I can too have fun.
Feels like we are on  a constant search for eternal  fun,,, and glimpse have been seen but I know that more is out there,,, so until it is found I am not going to give up
my pursuit..  

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