Monday, October 27, 2014

Felt soo Gooder

After being shutout for six weeks I went three for three getting to ride
the Blackbuck Friday through Sunday.
It took me a while to get the Single Steed all back to it's once
pristine race shape but after getting the front wheel back from Velocity their was nothing really holding me back other than me and the fear of what If?

Friday afternoon I had just enough time to spin the legs and feel the bike out, and after not pedaling one single stoke all week long I was not going to let fear hold me back. 
Heading south out of the garage I noticed clouds starting to develop and not a lot of clouds just one big one.. It covered the bluffs and shrouded Minnesota, which made me change my plans for this #dontcallitacomeback ride. 

The feeling of rolling again on this mean machine along with silent pedal strokes that were only interrupted by the sound of angry bees as I coasted though the thick layer of fog, were the 
grounds for my interpretation to  push the diffraction of single track.
I wanted to avoid cars and I wanted to avoid people so knowing that the Vista Trail was a good as paved I pointed my self that way. 
A bit scared riding on the fringe of my doctors orders I started up the trail remembering that I 
still had my Shitwamagon gearing on,, I worked my way up through the fallen leaves. 
Having to ditch the glasses due to the moist air I kept my eyes open for anything that my trip me up.
But with every turn of the 36x17 I gained more and more confidence. 
Once at the top my smile was so wide my face hurt,, I knew this meant that maybe just maybe I could get back to my old self. 
From here on out I was on top of the world and ready to go shake my ass off after a nice dinner with my lovely wife. 
Bar hopping before the show we were treated to a rare sighting of The Great Gazo, and the two of us managed to put Anna to sleep talking about bikes, riding bikes, looking at bikes ETC..
The show was kick ass,, the boys just keep getting better and better the crowd....well they did not know what to do with what I call dancing, but shit,,,, kids today are not really up on good fun anyway. 

Saturday and Sunday brought more of the same.. Me out on the Buck climbing the same hill riding around in the sun getting to explore some dirt like areas on a Bike that I am coming to really enjoy. 
Only question is what now? 

More of the same for sure or at least that is how I play it out in my mind. 
They say it is just like riding a bike,, And I have to agree that it is.. Especially when 
it is Just Like Riding A Bike. 

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