Monday, October 20, 2014


Yesterday I did something that I have not done in a long long time. 
I sat on the sidelines and watched other people race bikes.
As stated last week the Red Wing race is one of my favorites for many reasons. 
Being only a hour and a half from the house it is nice not to have to spend the whole day driving. 
And as drives go this was one easy on the eyes. We get to follow the River the whole way up and leaving the house as the sun was coming up made for some great viewing. 
We had to get up by nine for the start of the Boys race, which greeted the kids with cool temps and
blustery winds.
James has a great take to bike racing.. he is just there to ride and have some fun. 
He likes to start up in the front two rows but as soon as the word go is yelled,, he drifts to the back,, not in it for fame and glory. 
As I stood by and took some picture I shuttered as I heard some of the parents instructing their kids
on race tactics,, most of which would not be good in the elite race. 
Pip's race was not until 1ish so we had a lot of time to kill, so I found a greasy spoon to feed the kids and proceeded to run in to the Woods.
As we do in all of our travels  the boy and I sniffed out the local skate park.. 
The park had a nice lay out with some neat features and good flow,, no half pipe but lots of rails and other things to slide on.   Me the gimp had to take it easy with the pain that I caused in my shoulder the day before. 

As we got back to the venue the sun started to come out and I got a chance to walk around and see old faces ones that I have not seen since before my crash. 
Lots of stories were told and great feeling of belonging to something bigger made the 
darkheart grow half a size. 
The field was a lot bigger than I thought for the elite race,,  lots of places still up for grabs with this
being the last change to gain point for the season.
The race of the day was going to be on the front with Jeff Hall and Jesse and the rest chasing them.
And know how and what these two guys like to ride I knew they were going to be fast on this 
Ali and I walked the single track getting different venues to watch and cheer. 
By the end of the day I was more tired from watching than from racing.. Lots of walking and cheering for all of our teammates. 
The Women were next and again a strong field for this time of year.
Jenna was off the front with WORS transplant Robin close behind.
Then came the train that included Pip and the other girls.
Through out the day a few of the gals had some bike issues, and Pip kept her head down and ended up having a strong third place finish. 
For the men Jeff took the win with Jesse not too far behind,, turns out that Jesse's rear tire had been leaking causing him to loose some speed through out the day.
The Brick Layer Mason followed in third to round out the Podium.
Team Hollywood Cycles showed up and in big numbers,, the all went to the line and threw down.
Very proud of every single one of them.
You all raced your faces off this year and you all put the T in THC*
Plans are already being made for next year..

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