Monday, October 6, 2014


Still not cleared to ride dirt by my local medical official till maybe friday,, when they 
take another picture of my skull, my lovely wife had the idea of getting the 
Hell out of Dodge.
Like stated last week I was going to go and watch people race bikes and drink beer up in the land of 
SSUSA 2013.. But the weather started to suck and get cold wet and windy, which is not bad racing weather but crappy standing around weather.  So 
other plans were formed and this band of merry pranksters jumped in the car and 
headed across the river to the 612.
The plan was simple take the boy up to the indoor park known as The ThirdLayer,
and let him get his skate on.. While his old man could roll around and tell story's of 
his glory daze. 
The park was packed mid day on a Saturday,,, Pack,, more kids on razor scooters that you could swing a dead cat at.  And if I am not supposed to be riding my MTB probably should not be on a Sk8 board?  And kids these days have no idea how to ride in a skate park...
When I was young we were taught the hard way by the older guys which back then were long haired guys in their twenty's.  If you stood on the lip too close to the coping they would either throw your board in the nearest puddle or just give you a verbal beat down. If you dropped in on their line or 
were not fast enough to get into the pipe,, again they let you know. 
Nope not now a days,, and since most of these kids have their parents sitting on the sidelines saying 
anything let alone giving them the evil eye would be unheard of.
So after an hour of total shit show,,, and I know that it is one when the boy says "dad this is a shit show can we leave" we went and toured the western burbs for places to skate.
We found our selves out in Plymouth my boyhood home and 
found a nice slap of fresh cement.
Some rails and stairs and big old wedge of a ramp that went slightly over vert,,
I had a blast laughing at the fact that some twenty five years ago the city came to my house and took all my ramps because it was unsafe and they may get sued.. 
Then it was off to SLP where we found again some more rails and some ramps and a 
young group of kids that we doing what kids should do,, getting rad and having a good 
We topped the day off with a nice dinner with the Bauers over pizza and bike racing stories,,
I use to race bikes...
The last time I saw Bavers I was sitting on his wheel on Hwy 77 right before the lights went 
out and my road to recovery started. 
Now back to the salt mines of broken down household appliance,,
While my bikes genitally weep of neglect in the garage. 

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