Friday, October 24, 2014

Old Number Sevn

Tomorrow will be six weeks since I ate the pavement like it was a gu shot.
This week has been a bummer of no cycling,, mainly due to the fact that I am not riding to work.
Crazy to think that my commute was such a major part of my cycling life.
The days are short and I know I said last Wednesday that I would get my lights charged up
but that has not happened quite yet. 

As the photos from the mind of the Dark Overload starting to pop up I had
to ask for one also. 

I think that it is pretty damn funny.. and with my fitness the way it is ,, I may end up racing the cross for tots race this style,, Now if I could get the sound of my hub buzzing to play on a loop.. 
it will complete the setup.. 

In other news my first born is off in North Carolina racing bikes this weekend 
for the Collegiate National Championships.
Last year the kids got one day of nice weather and then it snowed and made the short track
and xc race seem more like a Cross race.. 
So far so good on the weather front for all the racers,,, now it will be time to see what kind of
fitness everyone will bring to the start line. 
From all that i have seen the organizers are using every inch of the mountain there at Banner Elk.
The Pip goes off this morning at 9 eastern for the short track race, and is up against some 
heavy hitters...
Some of these schools are serious about their cycling programs and dump a lot of money in to their programs..       Good luck Ripon racers.. Go fast then go faster,,,, and if it does not hurt you are not going Hard enough..

I will leave you with the assshaking music from the north woods that 
me and the misses are going to go and party with this evening.

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