Thursday, October 9, 2014

A deeper shade of Rubber Sole

Recovery sure does take a while,, and it can come with a mix of emotions. 
My surface wounds have for the most part healed lots of new pink skin covering the places where blood once stained the fabrics of my clothes. The parts that are still healing 
are coming together or at least we'll find out tomorrow when they scan my head once again.
The headaches are few and far between but when they do come it increases my overwhelming feeling of being tired.  The slow processes is tough on a guy who never stops moving even while sleeping, but everyday is a step in the right direction. 

I had to send off my wheels from my wreck to have the good folks at Velocity USA take a look at them and see if they could be fixed or needed to be rebuilt.
I received two messages of "what the Fuck did you do" which was more rhetoric than anything, knowing that I have no memory and they have seen the pictures.
At Interbike this year they unveiled a new rim the Blunt SS,,
The keys here on the rim are they have gone wider not only  overall but also internally,, to allow the tire to open up even more... but also dropped the weight significantly  
over the Blunt SL of close to 70ish grams.
So when said and done a new flashy set of rims will be twisted into my King hubs and 
this here guy may be riding in the woods before all the leaves fall from the Trees.
With that all said again I have to give a big nod to the company's and the people there that have been standing with me and helping me forward before and after my wave of Mutilation.  
Velocity, Chris King, Thomson, and Of Spirit (WTB) are huge keys to my 
success and Recovery. 

So with all that happening yesterday, it was the spark that I needed to get out and ride a bike. 
Now the rules from the doctor are to stay out of the Human Powered Trails, due to the nature of the riding there,, and being burnt on road riding in the area at or around 5o'clock PM,,
I decided to stretch the concept and skirt the edges of my boundary's.  
I took the Nature Boy up the Bliss road and rode past the entrance to the trail system,, full sun on the ridge top was greeted by a nice strong north wind.
Now I never set foot where I was told by a medical doctor to go but what I did was dip into the quarry which in theory is an old gravel road..
I was so nice to get away from the cars and the noise of town and just listen to the wind
whip and watch the leaves in all their spender blow around.  It did a number on my bruised ego to 
just be,,    almost back to where I belong. 

Every step forward is another step in the right direction..
And I am going to lead with my Chocolate foot!

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