Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Geax "AKA" TnT racing tire has been on my bike for the past eight hundred miles or since mid February.  I am so in love with this tire and how it preforms. Super fast rolling and with the lower pressure that the TNT compound allows the tire corners like on a rail.  Geax also has their own sealant much like the stans that is the industry standard, the Pitstop TNT Sealant super easy to use and instal in the tire.

I last night just set up my back wheel with a fresh 29x2.0 and I am ready to test it out today as we are getting to the race venue a day early.  This will be a good chance to see all the lines and test the bike at different pressures... For those of you in the 612 the place to get these Tires is at Hollywood's new shop on the edge of the greenbelt.  There you can pick up Geax tires Vittoria tires and Northwave shoes... All the things that you need to go fast and Party ON...
Get some new rubber take a deep breath enjoy the smell,, then Grip it and Rip it,, Because you are going to go fast..

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