Monday, June 18, 2012

What just happenend

Cold wet muddy and confused is how my race ended yesterday,, Still not sure how 
all things are going to shake out. 
Race started in the sun with nice temps and perfect trail conditions. I hit the Single track sitting in forth or fifth,, up front is where i wanted to be. The twisty one track carved like I have never seen, going fast and staying off the brakes. Hit the Hair-way-to-steven the first time perfect and down in to the reroute. Punching out of one of the climbs I rode over the Grouse,, bird seemed to be fine as I saw it on laps to come. Second lap was more of the same charging and being aggressive and again off the breaks and on the gas. Third lap started with the rain starting to fall,, before entering the single at the start it was already getting greasy and loose. Mid lap things started to get bad for me,, lost the ability to  see and the glasses came off and from their it got tough to keep the bike up. The off camber trail was hard to run let alone ride. 
Coming through into the last lap the race director was that the race was called so I 
came through the start/finish line and dropped my mud heavy bike to the ground,,, after a minute or two of confusion I hear the USA official say that he did not call it and now it was too late to get back on course.    Results are a mess the miss direction of the people in charge and  the destruction of bike gear left me dizzy and a bit grumpy. 
All the work that I have been putting in is working I feel good and now need to build for the next race.  Kids bike has gotten overhauled mine gets it tonight.

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