Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Standing in the Rain

Longest day of the year here today folks from here on out it is all down hill. 
I have been trying to make the most of it or with the weather we have been having the Moist of it. Bikes are cleaned from the the debacle of Sunday, could use some new cables on the Pip's bike but she is so busy she is not riding it right now. 
Hate being so hung up on weather but it has been off the wall to say the least... In the past 24 hours up in Duluth Mn they have gotten over 11 inches of rain. Homes and neighborhoods are cut off due to roads being washed out and flood waters.  This is the road out in front of the SKJ's house up on Skyline Dr.
Best wishes for all the folks up there,, we are supposed to be racing there in two weeks and the campground that we would be staying at have had to evacuate.
More rain is on the way and  I should be riding tonight with the Wed night group but really don't want to have clean bikes again,, plus it is 90+ with high humidity. Yesterday when I left the house to ride at 5AM it was 80 hot and sticky,,,,thankfully Chamois Buttr keeps things in check.
Wheels are moving and instead of racing this weekend I am going to spend some time riding a bunch trying to get a big blox of dirt miles in.. Levis with Hwood and crew will be good for the mind. 
Get out stay cool and ride your bike!!

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  1. wait, what? is this Levis stuff open to Trevor and I stopping by? We are racing Saturday in Cable...