Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It is almost July and in my other life that meant that it was 
time to get ready for the Firecracker 50, always a big fun deal in the sleepy town of Breckenridge. 
Also means that the Tour de France is going to start,,, and even with all the 
bullshit of Dopers and Cheaters I will be watching one of the greatest events on two wheels.
I have many memories of watching the race unfold the hot dry flat stages where the field is blown apart by wind, to the Mountain stages where one rider set a blistering pace over multiple Col's. 
Good stuff and good TV viewing for the whole family. 
Monday it was announced that the Minnesota Series figured out how they were going to 
handle the Duluth carnage. They are going to flip the two races that take place up there.
We will be racing at Lester Park which is one of if not the best venues of the summer. 
Lots of climbing and perfect single track all wrapped around a Park that has two rivers and many 
waterfalls, as long as my start is better than last year it should be a good event. 
I have been out working on as much climbing as I can,, and much to the ribbing that I have 
been getting on the FB still riding the 1x9 drive.  After 7 years of single speeding trying something else has landed me a lot of criticism, and being the butt of jokes. I am fine with all of that because I can strip the bike down in 10 minutes and be a 1x1 again. As of late no desire, shifting has been fun. 
So back at again this morning before the triple degree heat comes in this afternoon. 
I hope that all in the Cspring area are staying safe..
Now go ride. 

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