Monday, June 4, 2012

Bluffing It

Mankato Minnesota racing Mount Kato,,, One of my favorite venue's to race and again a place that I have fond memories skiing as a youth.  Family and I headed over on saturday to do some camping get some R&R and let the Pip check out the university campus. The kid and I got to do a lap on the course and it was tacky and fast the tricky decent of "Quick Release" was the worst that I had seen in a while but rideable.  Quick tour of the campus and it was back to camp for some dinner and chilling out.
  Morning brought some showers which had me thinking that we were going to be in for a wet race but they were passing showers and did not add up to much.  As I looked around I realized that it was going to be a stacked field, with everyone racing for the State Title.. I was happy to have a front row call up seeing as it is 50 yards of sprinting to the single track and then up hill.
  The horn sounded and it was a blur,, good start and up towards the front.. The Freewheel Boys were heading the charge with Jessie and Mcburney setting a blistering pace. I sat fifth wheel and charged along with the train.. I had young Jack who was in town and SKJ sitting waiting to pounce,, I was hoping that the pace that we were pushing it would create a gap to the chasers but they always seemed to be right there.. Somewhere in lap two or three Luke Nelson came around with some fast legs and I watched him go as I was content to push my pace and see what happened. By the middle of lap five I was back with Mcburrney and we had picked up Doug S.  the three of pushed it along until Doug got super legs and he was off.  The race was super fast and again blown away with Brendan's ability to ride people off his wheel. I finished 8th again but this time with out crashing like at Afton and the top 8 all had green plates as again it was a stacked field..
 I think that the work that has been happening is working and things are falling into place,, I need to keep working on the fundamentals and I am pretty sure this season will be a success no matter what heath says.
  A good day on the bike and a good weekend for the family.. all the time spent and work done is paying off. The Hollywood Cycles, Twin Six Team is rolling as the Pip Scored her second third place of the season.. Big wheels are moving and we are Partying ON!!!!

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