Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just a Bit OfF

Weeks coming off a race, it is always going to be a gamble on how the body feels. One thing that I have found this year so far is I am not totally wrecked the next day. Not sure if it is due to the work done this spring or the streamlining of my nutrition. I think back to the Ragnarok and to the torture that I put my self that day,, one hundred and fifteen miles with a tall bottle and a small one,, oh and half a can coke. I cramped a bit and pretty sure at one point that I was seeing things,, but was able to hammer through to the finish.      So monday was a easy day of just getting the legs spun out,, Got up early to ride the with the EMAG group not expecting much but when all the jumps were made and hill sprints were started I was able to match and ride through. Wednesday was twice up the bluff before work once on the gravel quarry road and once up bliss. Again not felling that bad and was happy with the numbers and the effort. After work with sometime on my side I did a TT pace back up and over the bluff to home. The work was getting done. Thursday back up the gravel climb and to work,,,the hope was to ride dirt after work.    I must have made it a mile from home heading to the trails when i realized that my cranks were loose. Not loose broached again,,,,I had a back up set and with a thirty minute detour of bike work thanks with help from Feedback Sports I was back out on the bike. My goal was only an hour and a half,, Weather was perfect and the trails were riding sweet only issue was the pilot wasn't  I came home sat in a Ice Bath and got the rolling pin out and tried to freshen up some dead legs.
I seemed to work Friday morning was another Emag ride and due to work I had to bring my Ergon pack loaded down with food for the day. The group was interested in why the pack how much extra weight I was carrying.. Best part was it was not enough to slow me down,,,, the snap seemed to be back..
Then saturday the day that everyone want to go long and ride all day,,, this guy had family in town and a lot going on,, but my goal was to go out on the MTB and just have a ride... Ride some single track and have fun... Not workouts,,,no intervals,,, no repeats,,, just riding,,   So good for the soul. Bike body mind were all flowing along the trail.....It set me up for a day off the bike and a day spent with family.. Monday starts a new week with a race at the end of it.. Load up the work early so by the end of the week I am worried about nothing more than bike body and mind being ready to deliver.

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