Thursday, June 14, 2012


I stumbled across a facebook conversation today about pedals and what to go with. The person that started the conversation was talking about how the time AtC pedals were not the same as the old days. I agreed and added my two cents. I too used the old style of times for years and as the dust covers became harder and harder to replace,, I searched for some thing new.. The Eggbeater and I did not get along to sloppy and I tended to pull out of them to often, then working at a local shop I saw a lot of failures.  Shortly their after I found the Look Quartz, and fell in love.. Like most relationship at first we argued but once I slowed down and realized how to get the cleat shims set up I was in heaven.   What for me that makes them so great is the contact point between my shoe and the pedal. You actually stand on the pedal making the feel of the bike and ability to drive through the pedal stroke that much better.. Their is float and options for release making the set up totally customizable.   Then to top it all off the cost and weight of the pedals are easy on the pocket 250 grams for the graphite and around 100$, and if you go with the Cabon Ti you can come in at around 120 grams.  All in all a solid feel and a good price, every time I clip in I know that it is going to be a good ride.

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