Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stop,,ThEn Go

Two solid day on the bike has me felling pretty good. I have been liking my Tuesdays when I can get a good group ride in the morning before work and then get out on the dirt in the evening. It leaves me with 60+ miles and helps build early in the week with racing on sunday. The old saying of make hay while the sun shines has never been more true,, the day job has been steady with 7ish hours daily then out to get the real work done.     One of the things that I have been very luck to ride with this year are my Magura MT8 Brakes. Not only is the weight low and stopping power and modulation and feel perfect. But the ease of maintenance is unreal.. As a privater racer I need to be able to do all if not most of the work on my gear at home.. I do have a good friend local that can help but I hate having to ask as he builds wheels and does the over my head shit or just calms me down and makes it work. Jay and is shop Hollywood is two hours away and he'll do what ever I need but again that is two hours.  The MT8's set up and that is just about it if
you do need to bleed it is simple and changing pads is a snap.  They have a full line of stoppers that work for both the Mountain bike and now on Road bikes. 
I think I found the deal I have been looking for airfare wise for Interbike in September,, pretty damn excited to go,, Steve Mathews from Chamois Buttr is sending me to help work the booth and see a bit of dirt demo,, I have never been and think that it will be a good time.. Would have never made the connection with Steve if it was not for Mike Gore, how just happens to be racing the RAAM.
Check out his site and wish him good luck,,they start crossing the USA tomorrow. 
Now Go ride your Bike,,,Ride the Revolution!

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