Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sleeping IN

Tired time and bikes,,, This is the time of the year that the racing heats up along with the days. The weather has been on par and the kids are out of school. It is also the time of the year when it gets hard to find all the time that i need to ride and train. I find my self leaving the house earlier and earlier to get some riding in before work then getting home and riding some more. It is thursday and I still have not gotten on my Mountain Bike since racing it on sunday.The road has been a nice treat but this boy wants to be in the woods on the single track.. It is a constant juggle of family and riding. And sleep, for some reason I have not been getting the sleep that I so badly need.. I am a 7-8 hour kind of person the more the better,, but with the longer days and the kids now home and playing late I am not getting the rest that I would like to have.. I should be out right now but this is a slow morning, I have plans to be out on the trails after work today,, that will help swing things back to normal.
Get out and enjoy the weather,,, It is summer time and the riding is Good.

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