Monday, June 25, 2012


I should have been racing this weekend but I chose to go and ride bikes with the boss and 
his wife Kwood. Sunday brought a wors race 90 minutes from the house and 
the original plan was not to race and just build for the Minnesota race up near Duluth.. 
But as now is here we sit and wait to hear what is going to happen,,,seeing as the area we 
were going to race at has been hit hard by the heavy flooding rains. 
If things happen this way and Duluth is canceled that will make almost a month with out
a race. Not good I should have raced. Their is a race this weekend he in town a 30 mile road race that they want 30 dollars for,,, but no prize money.. Hard to justify a dollar a mile for a training day. 
Would be fun to go race the new King/Hed wheels that Hwood built up, but that may be better money spent else where. 
Weather can be a royal pain in the ass the Rains in Duluth ,, the Fires in Colorado and now the 
Floods in Florida.. Seems like you can never win.. 
You can win and you could be a winner every day.. Just get out and ride
your bike.. Be One Less Car!

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