Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Their is no surprise to me that I am my own worst enemy,, over the past twelve months I have been battling a rash of injuries and a majority of them some what self inflicted.
The list is a long one some nagging and some reacquiring and others 
just a plain pain in the ass.
The biggest reason is I don't allow my self time to heal, and let my body recover.
Now the big crash in September that one for the most part did heal , I listened to my doctors and support staff and due to severity of the injury to my head I made sure that 
I gave the proper time. So the physical aspects are healed now still working on the long term emotional and performance issues that need to be worked on. 
Where I keep seeming to do some much damage is my damn shoulders. 
For the most part through out my adult life I have been beating on them in one way shape or form.
It goes all the way back to when I was a kid living in the mountains skiing every day and 
not understanding the concept of strength training and flexibility.   
When Sophia was just a little baby I broke my right hand skiing on a powder day as I tumbled down 
One-eyed Jack over in Contest bowl.
At the time when I asked the doc to cast my hand into my pole grip he said no.. 
This was the year that the snow started to fall and did not end for days and days,, roads were 
closed shelves went bare at the City Market and young dumb me skied every day with 
one pole and a right arm swinging in the powder like an outrigger. 
This was the start of me and the Chips on my shoulders. 
Flash forward almost twenty years later and I have managed to hurt at times 
either the left or the right doing once again the things that I love to do.
I do have to say that I did not other than some road rash hurt either in the shitwamgon crash.
But as of late riding my sk8 toy in  what my wife call my mid-life-crisis I have 
managed to just reek havoc on my wings.
Even now as I type this my left is all taped up and a bag of ice placed a top of it trying to help it 
feel better before I head off to work.
And once again just another silly slam as I am playing around in the garage with the boy.
I should probably go see my doctor but the year is coming to an end and don't need to start the new year off with a fresh set of bills.. 
No I just need to let shit heal and stop causing my self so much damn pain. 
Can't stop wont stop it is who I am.

Speaking of not stopping this here is a picture of my Grandpa Gail Howard Curran SR.
He was in the Navy and stationed up in Alaska during WW2.
Today is his 97th birthday and he is still Smiling and Laughing
and seeing the world through his eyes.
He has thought me a lot and taken me on many a fun journey.
So glad that we got out to the 303 to see him last month..
Happy Day Grandpa.. May this year be a good one and go Bronco's! 

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