Monday, December 1, 2014

Catching Z's

Some morning and sometimes a monday morning the need for a nap shortly after waking is needed. 
Just the good old power nap, fifteen to twenty minutes,,
and not so deep that one starts twitching due to the fact that the napper has a 
hot cup of coffee in his hand.
It is hard to be Awesome all weekend and just expect to jump out from slumber.
The boy and I spent four of the five days shredding at the local indoor park.
It does take sometime to get used to the layout, and how slippery the 
ramps and wooden features can be.
Lines take time to get dialed in,, and as you step back and just watch the young
ones.. fly through the place it gives fodder to ideas and new tricks to try.
I can see a big difference in the Boy's riding between the times when it is just he and I or when 
the group is bouncing off of and flipping over anything and everything.
The enjoyment factor has been high getting to play with James and show him and grow with him and the newish skater mission. 
It is all about having fun and being awesome.. 

Talking about being awesome,,, I rode a bike twice this weekend and outside.. First ride was not all that fun but it was a ride.. And the next day was much better,, it was not a cross bike that i rode or a fat ,,, My Single Speed and me went out for a pedal and it was good,, good to be outside and good to be moving,, 
Moving is good Sleep is gooder
it is all about being Awesome.,..

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