Friday, December 5, 2014

Rocket Power

Sometimes change is all that is needed to get to where it is you want to be.
Either a change in attitude or a change in approach.
This holds true when riding a bike through the woods or rolling a Sk8 toy on wood.
Over the years playing with both of my children I have watched the growth of them
as they make small changes and then be able to conquer what lays in front of them.   
I my self needed a change and lucky for me the Rocket did not have 
karate last night so we were able to head downtown and get some trashing in at the local park.
The bummer for us was that ownership cut the hours of operation back to closing at six, this only gave us just under an hour to cram in a session. 

I have been going back and forth trying to decide which pair of shoes that I wanted to ride in.. Both pairs are Vans but the soles are different and the feel completely different. 
For the boy we have made some changes to his gear over the past month,, new board and just recently some new Spitfire wheels. I have been watching him try to get use to the new set up and last night as we crammed in all we could I think he cracked through the ice. 
I chose the TNT old school style shoe to skate in and finally started to get the board to du what I 
wanted, and was able to land some tricks and moves that have been alluding me,,,,was is the shoes or just the vibe in the building?

It all stemmed from the runs on the mini ramp that I was having with the Rocket.. 
Taking turns in a rapid fire session we kept going back and forth trying new tricks and getting so damn close. As I move over to the other part of the park I kept one eye on the kid and it started to click for him.. Their were some fails and one or two slams but by the time it was over a trick that has been on his mind for as long as he has been doing this was finally landed. 
This past year of riding Sk8 boards with James has been a blast for many many reasons. 
It has been a great blast from the past for me and has given me another outlet for all the energy locked up inside,,, but more important it has given me something to share and enjoi with 
my mini me. 

This has changed our relationship and I believe given him the chance for growth and self discovery,
it is changing him into a confident young man. 
And to think it all came from a simple little skateboard..
Skate Or Die young One.. Trash and Smile.. 

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