Monday, December 8, 2014

Roll it Forward

At times it seems as if he just goes back and forth and back and forth.. But what I see is a young kid getting rad and controlling his board better than I would have imaged only one year in. 
The Rocket and I got after the park on Friday night only a night after he learned his rock to fakie and leaving the sweaty face skid mark on the deck of the half pipe. 
I was stoked to see him get back up and give it hell..  

We borrowed some power tools from Rocky senior and built this little fun box that will work in both the garage and on the driveway. Now we are able to jib and slide and not always have to rush off to the park. After a few fun sessions I, we learned that some more supports were needed in the 
middle of the structure as the old man slammed and did some destruction..  Would not be sk8boarding if shit did not break..

Speaking of broken stuff I replace the blown out saddle that got wrecked in my crash with this new sleek carbon WTB SL8... it is a bit slimmer than the Volt and super light... 
After box building and while the sun was still shining and it was national fat bike day..
I took the new saddle out a top of the Fat 2.25 Nine Line tires. 
Felt good to be out riding even if climbing the Bliss of a road made my legs want to 
detach and kick me in the ass.  Pushing the 36x17 may be a bit much for December but I am so not into any kind of bike maintenance.

It took a few beers and a good dinner on saturday night to shake my legs out and make them ready for another long day of skating and finding new lines. We had the park all to our selves and with a trip to the 612 coming up this weekend,, a team party and a new maple stick coming we both wanted to make sure that we were ready for what is to come..
Can't stop wont stop it is all cross training and what does not kill me will only make me stronger.


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