Monday, December 22, 2014

Bringer of the Light

Inspiration comes in many different shapes,, forms and ways..
My old man self has been motivated to be up off my squishy ass and keep moving.
After a lackluster sk8 session thursday night I was itching for more and more.
But what I need more than anything was a less impact sport one like cycling.
The college aged cyclist was home from school and this dad thought what a great reason to go out and ride a bike. 
The kid gets good grades but did not think to bring her mountain bike home.. So as a good dad or at least that is what I tell my self I got my geared bike all set up for her to ride on. 
The winds were low and the temps were manageable and not a lick of snow was to be found as we headed out to ride some frozen dirt. 
Not wanting to try to hard I switched the Blackbuck from a 36x17 to a 36x18 and smiled as the gear felt so good. As for the kid she had to deal with my 1x9 drive train less than what she has 
on her BMC.
Getting into the woods felt like it would in the middle of summer just with more clothes... and if all went well it would be my first ride on single track since my crapass crash in September.   
It felt as if I sprinted up the hill granted I got to wait a few times for the kid who is on her way to cyclocross nationals in Texas in just a few weeks. 
Ripped some single track after letting out some air pressure which then made cornering so much better. 
All was said and good until the least likely place for one to crash brought me to my knees testing 
the strength of my new Twin Six Knickers. 
Seems that some fat tires,,, either bike or truck had driven through the quarry while the dirt was soft and wet and caused some big as ruts..
I was once again looking over my shoulder trying to find the Pip when I found my self Highsided  trying to keep shit up right.
As I have said before can't get out of my own way. Falling down is the new cool thing to du..
Anyhow when it all came to an end I got to ride my bike and ride some single track and 
had such a good time that the young kid ended up blowing chunks,, That 
is the sign of a good ride,,,,., Blood and Chunks..
Needless to say going 
to the Skatepark today my body kept telling me how old that I am and 
what I have been doing to it.. Anna wants me to take a week off and I may do just that 
but only after riding on Tuesday,, as that is the day of our hero,, the one that will bring us to the to light..
Here comes the sun,, Here comes the sun.. And it is all Right.. 

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