Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This years Single Speed USA was something of a last minute deal. I for the most part 
did not think that I would be there especially after the death of my three year old spot.
After a few phone calls I had found a Bike to ride and car to get me there. 
I had been put in Contact with Mark Slate, owner of WTB,
who has a side project named "Of Spirit" . 
These are steel bikes that he drew up and is having made in
Taiwan not far from where his wife is from. 
Along with help from my Sponsors,, Chris King and Thomson , and Velocity,
I made a mad mad dash to get the new Whip together for the big
weekend Race non Race. 

So Miles did not start getting logged on the Blackbuck till, early August but once they did 
I was quickly reminded why I first fell in love with single speeding,,, and again reminded why I liked Steel so much.  
Coming in fully built at 22.5lbs it is a fast responsive ride. Mark is a firm believer in the Twenty Nine inch wheel, having been involved with  them from almost the word go back in the 80's.
Climbing in and out of the saddle the bike moves and having gone both with and with out a suspension fork on the front descending is a blast. 

The only other event/non event that I got to line the Blackbuck at was the Fat Tire Forty. 
And well most of you know that ,, that race did not end to well for this guy.
Some of the parts on the bike took a direct hit, ie.. the front wheel,, the pilot and some how the top of the saddle..  Mark has been telling me for a while now that a  WTB saddle should be placed on the perch of my seat post. 

So today at the door step was a few boxes loaded with Tires and a new Carbon SL8.
I will again this season working with Mark and his OS brand along with 
riding on and comparing the different Rubber that WTB is making. 
So it is going to be time to get back into the garage and get things ready to ride again. 

Rode the Buck sunday still pushing the 36x17 and again I was reminded why 
I Love Riding My Bike.

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