Monday, December 15, 2014

Putting the C in THC

I am so looking forward to this long dark period to be over with. 
Only days away and the light will start making its return to the great dark north.
It does not help that the heavy thick layer of fog has not moved from over our heads and around our souls for days now.
But that will all change here soon and the winter solstice will come and the turn will be made.

The family and I to break up the mundane drove up to the 612 on sturday morning for some
Christmas shopping some Skateboarding and the THC Team Party.
Again had to drive through pea soup most of the way ,,, the roads them selves were not that bad but the visibility sucked,, and I had never been so happy to see the MOA where we dropped mom off then headed to the Skatepark. 

The 3rd Lair was for what it is worth empty and seeing as it took us longer to get there than 
normal due to the driving conditions the guys were cool and let us skate well into the second session of the day. 
It did take this old guy a while to get the board under my feet, as I was still getting used to the new board and wheels. And damn the wheels were fast,, too the point of having to do many speed checks..  So I was having to Check my Self before I Wrecked My Self?
The Rocket found a wolf pack to run with and had a blast,, and I think that we would have stayed and skated longer had the scooters not started to show.

We finished the evening off over at the Sylvester's home for the Team Hollywood Cycles xmass party.  Got to eat some food and share some stories and catch up with some old friends. 
It was nice especially since I have been so far out of the loop with the cycling world. 

That is it for now,, I need to get running so I can go save the world one broken appliance at a time.
Party ON!

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