Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fading Light

Trying to get it all together and make it all work..
The plan as of now is to go to the local CX race this saturday as it is a new thing and it is great to see that people are trying to get racing going in this area. I'll
line up for the 1/2 race and give it a go,, not sure who will show.
After that my plan is to go up to the Cities to the Velo Cross race Sunday.
In Years past I would head up for the Midwestregionalsinglespeedworldchampionship.
But this year it is at weird time and the 1/2 race is going to be a big deal both days.
The catch is trying to make it all work out $$wise.. So if I can make my entry fee on saturday I will for sure head on up. I want to line up with the fast guys and make my eyes bleed for 60 minutes. 
Have put in some good work,, over the weekend I was able to break out the MTB and ride
single track... and the past few days after work hammering some tempo style intervals to the point of spinning out,, and doing cross style work outs in the local park.
I will be interested to if on saturday,, if people will/would be into some cross racing in the area. 
We have a lot of good parks and other venues that could make for good racing,, just need the bodies.
The Kid just got back late monday night after being in North Carolina for Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals.
The team got out almost a week early for some R&R some acclamation and prep for the racing at hand.
The days leading up to the big event was nothing but great weather and good fun of single track riding and eating and no school.  They did have a mishap of one of the star riders crashing while pre-riding so the cards were stacked for the Team being one rider down. 
They woke up on friday the day of the short track to find an inch of snow and temps in the 30's with cold wind...  Pip dropped a chain and struggled to get it back on only to get pulled,,, she was place but beyond pissed and ready for more.  
Saturday was the XC race and the weather was not that much better,, but the kid was,,
She uncorked a great ride and found her self cross the line in 6th place,, just a few minutes off the podium.... This made her hungry for more and realizing that she could race this bike,,,,,even in foul weather.
The podium finally showed up for the Red Hawks on Sunday as the Team lined up for the First ever Team Relay.  The kids had a good ride and found the last step,,,fifth place..
They had ups and down and got to experience so hard racing and some stiff competition.
Up next will be Cyclocross racing and another chance to race for the Stars and Bars.    

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