Monday, October 21, 2013

What the ?

I was a new bike High kind of week,, and I took every chance that 
I could to get out and ride it.
With plans over the weekend to race my first cross races of the season
I wanted to get used to the rig as fast as I could.
Mornings were spent going up the quarry and home through single track,
found my self carving through city parks and using trees as objects to carve around.
Saturday morning we had the car loaded and the whole fam minus the Pip were up to the 
Twin Cities.
The forecast for the weekend is for moisture and maybe some snow.
The saturday race just brings us cool temps and some wet ground from the rain that has already fallen.
We line up and it is a 100 yard sprint to the bottom of the gravel road climb.
I was not as aggressive as I may have should have been, and was to the 
top rubbing elbows as we hit the corn field,,, this was one of the more sketchy
spots on course as  everyone was fighting for the clean line.
I pushed it hard for 45 minutes having fun and almost clearing the fly over on the last lap. 
My wife and teammates said that I almost crashed it but I say na.
Sunday was a completely different story.
Cold maybe 37 and drizzle rain,, the course was really wet and they had changed it just enough to make it interesting.
Another tangle going up the hill pulled me back and I hit the corn field not where I wanted to be.. 
Sloppy sloppy mud was the call of the day,,
and bike handling skills were what was needed.
Now as the race went on the the mud got thicker which made the pedaling easier, but again I could not fight through it to get to the front. 
All in all lots of fun,, hard with the Body felling like crap due to the cold that i am fighting,,
but I see some potential for the next few races. 
Did not totally trash the bike,, did find the back 
wheel a bit sprung and need to swing by the 
shop to see it can come straight.
No racing this weekend,, just more riding and more riding. 
Now time to finish this coffee..

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