Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Smell the Glove

I find my self Tired and rundown. Not sure if it from the lack of sunlight and the long days of work,,
Or is it just the leftovers from my weekend Trip to Colorado and last weekends
Cross Racing Fun. 
What ever it is I am looking forward to this coming weekend.
A weekend of staying home and getting shit done around the house and sleeping.
Yes yes Yes I would love to be up in the 612 this weekend for the 
Fall Fest or even Red Barn which is one of my favorite CX races,,
But this old man needs to Chill.
After this cool down weekend their are two back to back weekends coming 
with a good bit of travel wrapped up in them. 
Would I like to go to Iowa for the Jingle Cross,, yea sure but I am not that invested in spending that much money and time in the car. 
As of right now I am all about riding the New Bike and racing it when I can.
Speaking of new Bike..
This thing is super Rad and this weekend put it to the true Test. 
The Frame is what I always wanted in a Cross Bike,,  A Soft yet Forgiving ride, that Feels like a stick of butter over rough terrain but Stiff and Snappy out of the Corners.
The wheels even though they have tubes in them for now with their wide profile 
allowing me to run low pressure and carve through the apex of a curve. 
I found having the brake cable route through the frame not only made for easy grabbing over barriers but also made for a quick clean up when it was covered in mud. 
The Rig is rounded out with Precision moving parts From Chris King and Stem and Seat Post, were Provided by Thomson. As I always say not having to worry about those parts failing,, just doing their job... makes mine easier.
Hollywood put it all together and did it up right,, sized me, fit me,, and made it all Tight..
If you live in the area and have not been a Trip to Hollywood Cycles is a must,, it will only make  you a faster Rider. 
Jeff @ All-City set me up straight, and MD and Velocity has made sure that  my wheels are True.
Kyle with King and David @Thomson, Have stood behind the Old Man Dreams that keep me moving.

So far so good been enjoying the time in the woods and more Cross is to come.
It was a long Mountain Bike season and the true off season is coming in about 5-6 weeks.. And 8 weeks from today the calender will turn again and the light will begin to return and then Spring will be on it's way.
Until then I will continue to ride and beat the snot out of my self. I do enjoy watching the wheels go round and round,.,., now to make them go faster. 
Party ON!

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