Thursday, October 10, 2013


I made a comment last not on the facebook about racing and cross racing in Boulder.
I am going to be on a whirlwind trip this weekend starting tonight to see my 
grandfather and some other friends and family and thought that I would take a look at what is going on race wise.
I was shocked when I saw that it was 40 buck per-registered and  fifty for day of.
I find this a bit out of control. I know that it takes money to put on a race and am not saying that these races should be free. 
I my self pay up to 30 race fees a year if you add in the kids when they race. 
I also travel all over to hell and back to line up and pin on a number.
I enjoy racing and kind of think of it as my thing that i do. 
But when a master 35+ or even a 1,2,3/Elite race is 50 bucks is outrageous.
I just see this pricing the joe six pack race out of the market. 
I got my start racing cross in these same races and remember paying only 20-25 bucks to line up....Yes this was eight to nine years ago but to see that large of an increase in nutz. 
This is the same area used to have awesome weekend mountain bike racing the Mountain States Cup,,, that by the time that it ended due to lack of participation and cost to put on the races was charging 70+ for a cross country race.
Will these Cross Races fill up this weekend and will people come and see them yes,, is Bike racing in the front range as popular as ever,,,yes...
But you can not provide an argument that excuses a dollar a minute for a bike race.
More CowBell?

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