Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I killed a bird yesterday,, Not like I meant to or anything but dead it is.
Coming home from work yesterday I did some up hill mountain biking and then headed through the quarry to home.
Descending the steep-ass-quarry-hill I came across a flock of birds... They were not big ones and thankfully not turkeys, I thought that I felt something 
but did not stop to see, due to the 40+ mph. 
Going to work this morning climbing up said hill I saw what looked to be a dead Robin in the same area of the incident. 
Wanted to stop and snap a photo but stopping on a hill with a 20% grade and road shoes stopping is not always the best idea.
I am getting super darn close to getting to put all of these shiny 
bits together and make one hell of kick ass CX Rig..
Just a few more things need to trickle this way and I will be crushing it.
I do look forward to having something different to ride to work, and this time of year riding the HPT single track on 35's is a blast. 
It is all coming together.
Now if this rain that they say is coming would stay away until sunday that 
would be awesomer.
The 29andSingle* Holzinger Hot Lap is on saturday
and if it gets wet and sloppy fun on two wheels will not be had.
So that being said I am going to get the Lemond all set up with fenders and ride it to work the next few days and see if I can ward off the dark clouds.. 
Here is to hoping cuz that is a whole lota fun. 

The Kid saw rain and a whole bunch last week in the Show-Me-State....
Fingers are crossed for her that they stay dry in
Kentucky this up coming weekend,, nationals are coming up fast now that it is October and I would love it if her bike did not get trashed,,
A Clean bike is a HappyBike!

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