Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If hindsight is 20/20 I think that I am somewhere far off of that. 
Monday the aftermath was covered up by a lot of driving and a few PBR's.
Tuesday I thought that it was just the fact that I was back at work,, but all day long I could tell that I was not at 100%.
Today foggy and rather groggy even if I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off.
I wish that after the first crash after I pulled off to the side and let the majority of the group go by I would have just pulled the plug. 
The second crash found me landing on my face at high speeds but also blowing up my front wheel.. 
Pulled the Nipple right trough the rim. 
 This will be getting set off to the other side of big pond that divides Wisco and Michigan. 
This was taken yesterday
Just puffy and sore... Today black and blue,,,, and it just has me bummed that again the last race of the series I go down in a heap,,, only difference is this year I was trying to defend my first overall, and with my DNF I slid to Turd over all. 3 is a magic number or so I have heard. 
Racking my brain to find somewhere to race,, and I find one only an hour and a half away, but not sure if I am ready to go really hard with my scrambled brain
And with METAL Cross up in the cities and my cross bike not being finished I may just be rolling around the Driftless Region.
Ok enough of the Pity Party... It is bike racing and Shit Happens.. 
Like The Kid "PiP"
Kicking ass and not only winning but Winning the Overall.
She got a nice write up in today and is hoping to carry this momentum into this
weekends Collegiate race in the Show-me-State.
Pip even won enough money to send off to her new cross bike which with a few alterations will ride her all the way to Boulder for CrossNatz..
The Beer is cold and The Single is ready for a morning romp,
trying to clear my foggy mind.
Maybe riding a bike will help. 
Pip Beaver Creek 2006

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