Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Eleven hours of driving is done and so is the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series.
It was a long season of chasing wheels and points.
Saw some highs and lows and as a Team we all showed up and raced hard. 
Our first goal was to win the Elite category, epically afters last years paper work mishap that saw us on the outside looking in. 
Then we wanted to make a run at the team overall award,, and we were close,,, we were in the running the whole season, and with out seeing the numbers as of sunday we should still be on the podium,, just not on the top step. 
I went into sunday trying to defend the Top Spot....
Got called to the line #1 and the rest of the group filled in along on both sides. 
With a long ski trail lead out i was happy to let things string out and I worked my way up to the front. with 50 yards till the entrance to the single and a small hill I went for the hole shot and got forced to the course tape having to slow down and loose a place or two heading into the single track. 
Now St Cloud is one of the most tight and twisty trails on the list of races we do,, almost impossible to get a gap,, and with the tight and twisty I was happy to give some space between me and the wheel in front. The young Bavers came around and was riding strong.. and again I was happy to chill and ride. 
As Casey B came around to take a pull I sat second wheel and we were flying..
That is where the wheels came off the bus first.. 
Coming trough a tight 180 turn,, my front wheel got tied up in a some roots and I got hinged off the bike before i knew what happened and before my hands could go down my face bounced off a stump.
I got back on and tried to ride then needed to stop to get my self right,, at this time the whole field went by, and I got back on to try to finish. 
Managed to hook up with the Boss....Hollywood and Barry and thought that I would just ride it in.. Then with four or so miles left with Jay and Barry riding my wheel I found my self sliding across the ground on my face with my bike soon to come crashing down on me. 
That was it I walked out with a broken front wheel and a beat up face covered in blood. 
Made it back to the start finish and got cleaned up and just missed the Kid Sophia crossing the line in #1 Place.
Yep... while I was out beating my self up we was out leading
wire to wire to not only take the Win but also to Win the overall for the Series. 
So it was not a total was of a day.
Could not be more proud of this kid to Throw Down and go fast and show that 
the past month as part of the Ripon Red Hawks is paying off..
So there it is ,,, the series is over and asses were kicked 
the Team Hollywood Cycles Showed everyone that bikes can be ridden FAST and Partying On will happen..
Thanks to all of you!!

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