Monday, September 9, 2013

Hit ThIs

Weekend is over and a new starts.. slow and low with coffee and football talk. 
Been playing the role of a armchair cycling dad... with Pip off at school I have been using the world of social media to keep in the loop of what the kid has been doing. 
College is fitting her quite well,, between classes and riding with the team,, she is traveling all over the upper midwest..
This weekend the Red Hawks Team was in Indy,, racing STXC,, XC.. and 4x, and teammate Rosie was even doing some track racing.
Pip hung tough in the short track finishing a strong 6th in what she called a cross race minus the barriers. 
And then followed it up with her first ever 4x racing.. Sunday brought the cross country race and behind the strong performance of Kaitlin Antonneau .. Pip and her teammate Corrie finished 3..2..
The team is riding strong,,, and I am having a blast watching. 
Yesterday for me was an impromptu Road race.  The boss Hollywood asked if me and 
the Bavers would like to come along and race the two lap 42 mile race. 
Lining up I could see some of the faces of the fast guys in the Road seen and I knew that it was going to be a hard day. 
From the gun we headed out into the wind,, I did what I set out to do... Stay out of trouble and do some work up front. 
I was able to take some big pulls and work with the likes of Dan Casper and Timmer. 
Coming trough on the second lap I came unattached after a hard effort and from here on out I rode in no mans land until the last few miles when a local Lacrosse rider came up and we rode to finish.. 
Bavers flatted the boss rode in with one of the detached groups. 
All in all it was a good hard day,,, now comes all the advice from the fast guys on how to race on the road,.,., I'll take it,, I had fun and could see doing more..
Now time to suit up for the shitstormoftheweek. 
Pedal On!

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