Saturday, September 14, 2013

Channel Z

Hayward Wisco is the epicenter of fat tire cycling right know this weekend.
Some 3000 people have shown up to ride race and talk about bike.
People come out of the woodwork for this one,, all types and all ability.
I have only seen it in the pages of bike mags and on the interwebs.
One of the first questions that you will ever answer if you live in wisconsin and someone finds out that you like to ride a mountain bike is do you race the Chequamegon?
The race starts in the early spring or late winter when you sign up for a lottery just to get in..
And if you don't make it in on the lottery then you write an essay begging to be let in. 
Then unless you have raced it before and had a good time or you know someone, you don't get to start in the first wave of how ever many people.
The winners usually do the 40 mile race in around or under two hours,, so it is a fast race.
I am not anti, just something that I wished that i would have done some 20 years ago so I would be ready for the circus. 
We were going to load up the camper and be there to cheer on all the Team Hollywood Cycle racers
Judy Butters #
that are lining up, but the thought of another weekend away from home was too much.
It has been 4 weeks on the road racing and going fast and this  old man needs a break
before lining up next weekend for the final Minnesota race. 
Which leads me to this next bit of thoughts. 
Next week when I line up I will one last time get the #1 call up to the start,
Depending on how the race goes I may not end up with that by the finish.
Over the summer I have had it said to be or near me or caught the tail end of a conversation,,
Basically saying that this seasons competition has not been that good!? 
Not really sure what that means.
Yes Brendan has not raced  the whole series,, he has been to a few won them and then gone off to do some more enduro style races. 
We have had more new faces and some old ones show up and tow the line.
Jeff Hall, Jessie LaLonde, Jason Sager, Eric Tonkin, just to name a few. 
And then their is the young kid that stands to take the lead from me Dominic, this kid has been on fire, and had some great races.
Point to all of this is this summers racing has been great good fields good venues, and one hell of a
great Team..
This old man pecking away at the keyboard has raced consistent and hard only truly having one bad race. I am not going to let the words of others take away from what on paper has been my best 
season of racing ever.. Finishing first or second will be the cherry on top of the ice creme on top of the cake that has been my season. 
I live a simple life and all I want to do is Ride and Race my bike,, 
every thing else is just back ground noise. 

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