Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Go North BoY!

Bikes Water,, Good Food and Good People.. 
Sounds like a nice little family weekend.. 
It was.
With the Pip off at college and racing in her first collegiate race,.., being one kid down I did not want to pull the camper 6 hours,, to Maplelag.
We made it up in the late afternoon on friday with enough time to squeeze in a pre ride of the 
sunday course,, which was much needed as my legs were mush from driving. 
As the shadows grew longer the crew continued to show up and we were all ready for dinner. 
When you go and visit the Richards Family at Maplelag you are treated to 
a family style meal all cooked from scratch by their kick ass kitchen crew. 
Dinner some hot tubing and off to bed.
TT in the morning and I got to be the second one off behind Heath..
Just as I hit suicide hill Bmore came around me and I followed and shortly there after caught Heath.. 
After watching Brendan ride away I kept my head down and charged to the line.. 
Crossed with 3rd place,, and that set me up well for the evenings short track. 
The boy
and I took a canoe out and paddled around the lake,, which just made me want a boat now.. 
Before supper the racing got started with the kids and as they lined up the temps cooled a touch and they were off for their two lap race. 
James did well had a smile on his face the whole time. 
Now for me it has been a love hate with the short track at this event. 
Broke chain one year under geared another,, and pulled...
This year I wanted it to be better,, with a congested start I 
got my self up into the group that was going to become the winning group..
Not sure where I slipped off but a gap formed and thankfully Hollywood was there to help keep up in the running for the GC..
Crossed in 7th but under a 1minute down on GC for the XC race. 
Dinner Beer,,,,Sleep..
Sunday was cold and grey for the kids start at 9am which I almost did not get james to the busy drinking coffee and eating cookies. 
The boy had a great ride much better than the day before especially since we fixed his rear brake. 
By the time my race started the rain had stopped and the temp and trails were perfect. 
A twist to the start and some funky moves I tried to stay on SKJ's wheel as I 
saw him going for the pass of Mills... I ran out of room and once we hit the Lake Side Drops,, Fred was all over the place while I tried to get around him the group of 4 up front were gone.
From here on out I just stepped on the gas trying to make sure that not only I was not passed but that I made up the minute that I needed to get into the money.
Just under two hours of racing I crossed the line in 5th and ended 5th for the weekend. 
Best weekend of racing for me out of the 4 years that I have been making the drive up there. 
Huge thanks go out to my family for driving with me and putting up with me,,, To the Richards family and staff,, they take the best care of us,, 
To the Hollywood team and Jay and Kristy..
And all the of the Sponsors that help me get me going in the right direction. 
Home to find 

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