Wednesday, October 9, 2013


My front wheel made it back from across the pond,,,Lake Michigan monday afternoon. 
It needed to be rebuilt after my second crash in the last race of the season two weeks ago.
MD and the crew at Velocity have been taking good care of my wheel needs keeping them built up and strong. This front hub of mine has been a work horse. This Chris King 24mm is as smooth as the day that it was built and now has lived in four different wheels. The Maverick forks that it connects to have never let me down, even after the company has since gone out of business. The hope is for next year Magura gets one of their suspension forks under me and then all I have to do is swap out the 24mm axle with a 15mm. 
Regardless it  a solid stiff system, and I so thankful and happy that CD all those years ago took me into the King family. 
After spending monday night in the Garage getting the front wheel back up
and running with rotor and sealant in the tires I was excited to get out
and ride some single track on the way to work. 
Yes that means lights if I want to leave the house before 6;30 as these shorter days
start to steal the sunlight from my world.. But with some loud punk rock and a belly full of coffee i was out the door.
It was nice ride getting to shift and slide through the woods blocking out all the noise that tends to 
fill my head during the work day.
Following what was another test of my mental fortitude I had just enough time to hit some more dirt on the way home only to find that between all the rain and wind the trail
up the bluff was in tough shape,, it has always been noting more than a drainage ditch but even worse now after the large amounts of rain friday night. 
The bike did not let me down such a simple way to get from there to here and here to there.. More of the same today keeping the wheels moving and keeping smiles growing. 
Now fingers are crossed for good weather as I head out to Colorado tomorrow to see my 96 year old 
Grandpa and get to ride bikes with some old friends. 
Keep the wheels Spinning..,

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