Saturday, June 29, 2013


It seems like the Circus is always in town,, or at least always here at my Casa.
June is nothing more than a memory as the final days of the month will come and go. 
The Tour started today which means July is almost here.
The Pip got to go to Orientation beginning of the week and is all set to start her new life as a part of the Ripon Red Hawks.  


With a back to back race week the work load this past five days has just been getting out and riding. 
Again I am approaching preparation totally different this year,, Have not use a HRM since xc skiing and other than tracking some vertical feet on strava when it works I have not been OCD about numbers.  It seems to be working as I have managed three 4th place finishes in the MNMBS
and tomorrow will get another #1 call up. Not sure how long I can hold on to that spot but will give it hell,, all the Hell a fourtyyearold racing Dad can give. 

The whole family is going to load up the new set of wheels now that the Envoy is gone and head to the 612 or Portland East for some pre riding of tomorrows course and then 
a Team Dinner with  the majority of the Team Hollywood Cycles THC* Crew. 
Still need to get bike racks figured out,, have something that will work but not sure if I like it and am debating weather or not i need to put bikes on the roof and that is not my favorite place for them to be. 
I am hoping for another good day tomorrow on the bike and even though it is a short one it wont be an easy one. The lot of the Racers ride and race at Buck Hill every thurdsay through out the summer. The fast guys know the trails there like the backs of their hands. And I know
all will be firing on all cylinders and it is going to be a full on fistfight.
The work has been done and now time to back that up we'll see what happens after the 
whistle blows...

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