Monday, June 10, 2013


Weekend with no bike racing seem to last a lot longer than their counterparts. 
And after the week of work that I had I will take a nice long weekend. 
Started off friday night with an impromptu  road ride,, sitting on the front porch watching little league,, I got that itch as the sun was shining and all I had to do for the rest of the evening was drink beer. 
I headed out for the second ride of the day and made some hay while the late evening rays cast long shadows. Felt good to just get out and spin.
Saturday was going to be a good day of riding as their was no chances of rain and no yard work to do.  The Pip and I headed to the trails and plowed through the quarry. As I did circles in the circle and
waited for the Kid I head a blood curdling scream. I raced to see what the issue was thinking that maybe she just over shot a corner and landed in some newly grown thistle. No luck .. Found her on the ground all twisted up and dirty with blood on her face. 
Seems that she hooked her foot on a piece of chain link fence that was hidden in the underbrush and then got yanked off her bike. 
I did the normal checks of joint movement etc,, and inspected the bike to make sure that it was ok. Pretty sure that her hands and shoulder took most of the blow and her face was secondary.
Needless to say she was shook up and more than likely knocked her self out. She did find some of the softest dirt to crash in but the kid has a bit of a Glass Jaw after having a number of concussions over the years.  I was able to get her to her feet and back on her bike. Called mom and told her to meet us down the road. Pip tried and tried to piece the morning together but was having  a hard time,, she rung her bell something fierce. 
Mom came and I pedaled home and proceeded to sit on the couch with Sophia. 
As the day went on she started to fell better and her memory was back to normal.  The whole pedal home I was pretty shot after having all that adrenalin course through me. After a nap and a cup of late afternoon coffee,, I jumped back on the bike and went for another ride.. This one was much better and no one hit the ground. 
Sunday was supposed to be rain all day and I was able to get to the trails before it came. Trails were nice a tacky and freshly cleaned by the local trail volunteers. I came out of the woods to be greeted by more rain which made for a fun wet ride home.  Spent the rest of the day cleaning and re-cabling bikes. Now they are all clean and ready to get dirty again..  Looking forward to the upcoming weekend,, only because I want to disappear on two wheels.. 

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