Monday, June 24, 2013

Litte Wing

What I thought was going to be a total washout turned out to be to so bad of a day.
I was up yesterday morning watching the Radar and had another eye on the local news to see what the weather was going to hold for race day. 
We have been in a pretty wet pattern and that was the story for Sunday Race day. 
The Red Wing area was getting hit pretty hard to start the morning off and because of this we decided not to head up early for the Boys race due to the conditions. 
As things progressed the rain started to ease and by the time that I had made it to the venue it had totally stopped. 
Their was more in the forecast and  after last years debacle I was worried that we would start the race and end knee deep in mud. Again Due to the Rain the lap had been shortened quite a bit and lots of single track had been taken out.
Being the State Championship Race the field was a good one and as we lined up we were told that last minute that they had added some more sections of single track to our 8 lap race.
I got the number one call up which was pretty fun I was not expecting that and good number of teammates on the line around me. 
At go I slipped a pedal and the group filed in around me,, I was able to Jump on Hollywoods wheel and started to pull my way through the start of the lap, through the tall grass of the meadow that lead the lap out. 
By the time we hit the single track,, I was sitting third wheel behind Eric T and Jesse L, the train formed in behind me and we were all now throwing hammers to try to create gaps in the woods, while riding on single track that had not seen any wheels so far that day. Needless to say that created some slick conditions which cause me to get sideways and pop off the train. 
At this point I watched a good 6-7 guys come flying around. 
Back on and chasing I used the remaining 7 laps to pull people back in. 
Each lap the single track lost its moisture and became more and more rippable. 
Knowing that I would never see Jesse and Eric, I just kept my head down and for a while sat on the wheel of Nate L as he crushed it on his single. 
Lap 7 and 8 for the most  part were fast but I was not pushing it that hard.,,., Race ended up being close to 2 hours and almost 30 miles. 
I was cooked but happy I was able to put my head down and go hard and it payed off again. 
I landed forth overall and third in the state for the Pro's. 
This should get me another number one call up for Buck Hill on Sunday.
Now I just need to shake my legs out and get ready for another beat down.
Great job out there Team Hollywood Cycles,,,, THC* is kicking some ass this season..

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