Monday, June 17, 2013


I had one of the best doughnut eating days yesterday that I have had in a long long time. 
I am a bit of a snob when it comes to fried rigs of dough, after my years working and hanging out at Daylight Doughnuts
With all the fine dinning that I have done in my time working for Richard was some of the best cooking and food related work that I have ever done.  If you wanted to know what was going on in the little town of Breckenridge,,, Daylight was the spot to be. 
You saw it all,,,,, the all night rager ,,you know the ones that were up all night drinking and telling everyone about how rad they are and how everything in town sucks. 
The back table was saved for politics many mornings you would find the Mayor holding court with his minions holding on to his every word. 
You had the working class the folks who were cleaning the streets and making sure that the town was not over come by snow or that the street lights were not broken,, so the all night cool kids could stumble to the next 8ball. 
You had all the Tourist waiting in the line that stretched out the door with lift tickets hanging off their one piece suits talking about how this may be the year that they hike to the top of the Imperial Bowl,, and that was after the chair lift was put in almost to the top of Peak 8.  
Richard was always there with a smile on his face and you could always count on Josh to bring you your food in between trips to the dumpster to dump garbage,,  or so he said. 
And all of this was going on while the best doughnuts sat waiting for you to order a few or 12 and some sausage rolls. 
I learned a lot about how to crank out lots and lots of eggs and how cooking breakfast was noting like doing a 5 course tasting menu.  It was a good time in my life and when I think of the perfect circles of goodness,, their is only one place that I like almost as much. 
On the way to one of the premiere mountain bike riding destinations here  in the Middle West is Lind's Bakery. It is always a treat to get to go and ride the sandstone cliffs of Sidewinder and Cliffhanger.. I first rode Levis Mound with Mike P back some 20 years ago. Back then it was nothing more than some ski trails and a bit of single  track. And in 1993 that was ok because our Gary Fishers were not made to rally and climb like the bikes of today. 
Fathers day consisted of waking up making a killer breakfast and loading up the car with the Pip and heading over 50 minutes to the Mounds. 
Yes their was a stop for some fried love,, which went down so well with my shot in the dark. 
We meet up with a good number hwoodcycles.comof Team Hollywood Cycle members and even the Kids BOYFEIND

A fun day of riding and donating blood to millions and millions of Mosquitoes that have hatched were running a muck along the trails.  I still to this day have flash backs of the first time here and how i had no idea what these two wheeled fun machines had in store for me. 
I'll be back and I will ride more and introduce it to my son and lovely wife.. And I will be Holding...
Doughnuts nice and tasty Doughnuts. 

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