Thursday, June 13, 2013


Piling it on as much as I can,, doing the juggling act of being a Parent of two kids and working a somewhat demanding job,,,house work,,yard work etc.. 
I tend to find and or make time and most days that means leaving the house early to climb some hills and get some Zen time in some open space before having to put on the work clothes and play the game. 
This morning was no different up the hill and through the woods,, listing to the sound of Angry Bees coming from my freshly cleaned King R45 rear hub. 
I had the time and went up and down the Road of Bliss twice topping off a nice morning and pushing my self over 100,000 feet of climbing for the season. 
Spinning it out on the way to the job site on Main St Lax with fireHose playing 
"Keeping the Freeway Safe" I hear some beeping behind me. 
At first I think nothing of it,, I am in the  bike lane passing over the newly painted chevrons and dude on a bike symbol,, Then a CRV with Minnesota plates pulls up along side of me and with the window down,,Guy starts yelling at me to get over. 
Wrong move is all I can think as I am having a great morning,, so I exchange jambs with  the older like fellow behind the wheel sporting the Ned Flanders push broom mustache. I let him know that I am where I belong and he informed me that not only is he a cyclist but I need to be further over. 
Further over would put me in danger of the cars parked on the side of the road, and I was keeping the proper distance of three feet from the cars so I would not be Doored. 
Again he kept his tirade going and at this point I was letting my verbiage fly.
I explained that I was in the bike lane and was riding where I belonged, and that in a 25mph road I was traveling at 23mph. This went on for a few blocks till he decided to turn and I guess head back to Minnesota, which was good because I was running out of ways to tell him to FU(% Off.. 
I found this on the WisDot website. 

Narrow lanes

  • Ride in the center of the lane.
  • Keep at least three feet between yourself and passing or parked traffic.

Diagram depicting riding in center of narrow lane

Wide lanes

  • Ride just to the right of the actual traffic line, not alongside the curb.
  • Keep at least three feet between yourself and the curb or from parked vehicles.  Motorists should be passing you with at least 3 feet of clearance.
Diagram depicting riding to the right of traffic with 3 feet on either side

Don't get the door prize!

  • Ride in a straight line three feet out from parked cars. You'll avoid car doors that open in front of you and you'll be more visible to other drivers.
  • Don't pull into the space between parked cars. Ride just to the right of the actual traffic line, not alongside the curb.
  • Ride straight, three feet from parked cars - don't get "doored"
Ride three feet from cars, don't weave in and out
Needles to say I was all fired up when I got into work but was not going to let some asshat bring me down. 
I spend a lot of time on a Bike and ride in all kinds of traffic and on all kinds of roads. 
I do my best to set a good example for other cyclist and motorist alike. 
I am not sure what set this guy off,, maybe he was not loved as a child,, but I hope that some day that I see him riding his bike so I can try to spoil his morning. 
It does not have to be a war out on the streets,,,, Yes there are some people out on bikes that may make some really bad decisions... Just as their are a lot of people making some really really bad decisions. Ones that can cost people their lives. I have to say after getting hit two weeks ago by an a driver not paying any mind that others may share the head is more on a swivel than it ever has been and my fuse to Assholes is really short. 
Now that being said.. Go ride your bike!!!

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