Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Crazy how fast the mood can shift and swing... I followed up my High of Sundays day at the races with a solid climb up the quarry on my trusty steel steed of a Road Bike in full morning sun. 
Even when I got to work and was hit with a "sorry soandso is not in today and you need to pick up their slack".. I was still riding High,,,floated home on the late afternoon rays..  
And then the next wave of clouds and moisture floated over the Driftless region,, and in climbed the funk that is my mentals. 
I know stop you bitching,,, I am and working on that ,, but like everyone else just so over being wet,, tired of cleaning bikes and just tired of being sick and tired. 
Not being a shop employed my arsenal of bits and pieces are fading,, cables and tires tubes..etc...
the CX is fried and getting the run around on how that is going to all play out. 
I am not looking for anything that should not be coming my way,, I mean I did get hit by a car and that car did wreck my rig... 

I need to get me some vitamin D  and spin my legs in a circle motion.
I think that it was the front and rear flat that I got on the way to work this morning that set me over the edge. I always carry in my Ergon pack one tube and co2 but today was going to require two and that was a shit bummer..  I put out a text to the stay at home teenager and asked her to pull a tube out of one of my now defunct cx wheels so I could come home from work.   I did make it home from work I did on my prehistoric Lemond that is now just a one by one road ride..  So maybe I should just stop my bitching and complaining  and just make it happen. 
I did get to spend some time cleaning the garage last night and even 
got the boy to learn some bike maintenance and  cleaning,, he was super stoked on how the Feedback Sports stand worked,, and when I showed him how to clean his chain He was way into that.. The Force is strong in this young one..
He he is still on his Racing High,, he was not>>>>> DFL<<<<<<
Party On Rocket!

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