Monday, July 1, 2013


I said that yesterday was going to be a fistfight and I pretty sure that I am walking away with a bloody nose. 
But more important is the performance of the young man we call the Rocket. 
Got to the cities and Buck Hill on mid saturday afternoon to do a 
pre ride. At first James was not sure of what he was riding not a big fan of change or something new.
Picking and choosing when he could ride and do as he calls Weenie-Walk, we finished the lap in close to 35 minutes.  
After a long afternoon of Lego's Basketball and a team dinner I was a bit worried how the boy would ride being a nice o'clock race and we did not make it to bed until after eleven. 
Got some breakfast in him and he was ready to go all dressed in his Black and Whites,,
including his new shorts... first ever new chamois in the past always had hand-me-downs. 
Off the line he was climbing hard and before the single track rubbed a wheel and tipped over,, I had to help him back up and he took off like a ROCKET.. Up the climb and across into the back side single track... every time we saw him crossing the ski hill he was all smiles and riding strong. 
He finished with a sprint and came in sixth place,, and said that he had fun... That all makes one happy dad..  

When it was my turn I was as ready as I thought that I could be, Called up #1 with the Bavers next,,,standing on the line looking up at the sand pit that was going to be our start.  Things started well I took the hole shot as Brendan came around before the single followed by Hwood and Bavers. Top of the climb Owen came around flying and I could not match and then again before hitting the backside single passed again.  At this point I have all but completely blown up and was just holding on by a thread. Going into lap 2
and 3 I would continue to go backwards till I finally got some legs.. But by now it was too late trapped in no mans land and deep thick lap traffic. At this point I just needed to ride and finish  Crossed the line in 11th which seems to be my place for Buck,, the one hour kick in the nutz is tough for me as the majority of the guys race here every thursday night all summer. 
Lessons learned and only a minute to one and a half out of where I wanted to be. 
Now I have some time to get my self right and ready for the climbing session that will be up in Duluth at Lester Park.. 
Again I can be more Proud of Young James Rocky!! Way to be Black and White. 

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