Monday, July 15, 2013

Shut Up and Justpush It

Our second weekend of camping this summer saw the Clan head to the North woods of Duluth Minnesota for some family time and some bike racing. 
We spent saturday exploring the town and doing the tourist thing and then in the evening riding and shredding the trails located on and around Spirit Mt. 
Saturday night after some good team bonding around the campfire we were sure thanks to the weather reports that we would wake up to heavy rain and that the race had a chance of being canceled. 
That never happened. 
After a good breakfast it was off to the Races. 
The Bavers and I got the 1-2 call up and we stood on the line with some heavy hitters and a lot of locals who always push it hard. 
At the Gun Nate L jumped on the pace and I onto his wheel as it was a long up hill double track climb, he popped pushing a big gear and as that happened Jesse L of BKB fame came around and I
knew that was the move. Latching on Jesse had the hammer down and we were able to get some separation. Dominic and Eric Tolkin came along as we hit the first section of single track, Dom went down in front of me on a bridge section causing a bit of a disruption in moving,, SKJ was able to get into our group and him being a Local and super fast descender I let him around to follow his line. Glued to his back wheel, and flying the next thing I know he was wrapped around a tree bike clogging up the 1track.
He did get back up and get moving but it seemed like we stood there for ever. 
I was able to hold on to forth place through the 2nd and 3rd lap charging hard on the climbs and railing the descents,  all until the end of the third when I looked over my shoulder to see a train  of three coming,, I bounced my shoulder into a tree and ripped my left barend off making my grip worthless. stopping to gather my barend and remove my grip I tried to get my self comfortable holding on to nothing but a thin bit of carbon. 
Back to the bottom and the start of lap four,, only having the ability to get after the right side of my Handlebars climbing became interesting,, and my left hand going numb from the death grip that I had to use
I licked my wounds and kept keeping on. I was able to salvage the rest of the race crossing the line in ninth after riding most of the race on the front end. 
Important to me I was able to get some good team points and hold onto for at least another race my overall lead. 
Now time to get ready for work and to get the PIP's Birthday Celebrations on and Rolling.. 
Monday is Party On Day!!

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