Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rubber mEEts the RoAd

Yep I know it is hot but not the same stifling heat as last summer. 
I have been using the heat as a good reason to take it easy this week.. No real reason other than an easy week of riding is not a bad idea.
Still kicking my self for some of the little glitches that forced me back from my top five placing in last sunday's race. But in my hind site I am happy with with all that went wrong things were still salvaged. 
I did get a FB message from SKJ saying that he is sore but moving and thanked me for stopping and making sure that he was ok after his crash.
I told him it was one of the nastiest crashes that I had seen and  was impressed no how he got him self back up and moving.
Dry and hot or hot and dry,, such the opposite of  what life was like up on the Shores of Lake Superior... Our camp site was once again one of the best camping on the shoulder of Spirit Mountain. 

My easy week of riding includes the normal route to work up the big old burnt out paved climb of the Quarry hill then into the washed out service/jeep road that takes one to the top. 
The past two day the road bike has lost traction in the super loose stuff,, causing me to have to put a foot down.. I then make the Charlie Brown noise after Lucy pulls the ball away and get back after it. 

No racing this weekend and nothing to do but hang out and ride and enjoy some cooler temps and lower dew points. 
Hard to believe that we are half way through summer and that in less that a month the kid is off to College.  I can't wait to get to watch her travel and race here bike all over the central parts of the country.  Until then the day she leaves it is all about riding single track and work on learning how to drive a car..
I told her if you can Drive it You can Clean It..

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