Monday, July 29, 2013


Having the youngest excited and wanting to race is good fun.. It just means that if we are not camping it is going to be a early morning to get to the venue. 
I was up yesterday like it was a work day,, loading bikes on the car and making sure that the cooler was packed with bottles and food for the day. 
Waking the little man and getting him dressed while he was still sawing logs made me wish 
that I was a young buck with out a care in the world. 
Out the door on time and up the river to Afton my old winter time stomping grounds from my youth. 
Kids race at 9AM and with the july cold snap that were are having I had 
the Rocket bundled up with arm warmers on his legs and positive vibrations in his head.
Clean start and out of sight.,,,, As a parent there are a few nerves that race through you while 
you child is out on course,, hoping and hoping that all is well. After around 30 mins or so for the 3+ mile race the sight of the happy red helmet charged to the finishing line with his signature bunny hop across the line. All smiles and proclaiming that it was an awesome race.. 
That makes this old man smile. 
Now I have time to kill,, I don't race until after 1PM.
Some rest in the back of the Rav and some time reading my book I waited until it was time 
to get up to the line. 
Lining up I could see we had some fast and very strong guys ready to tackle the hill 
climbing fest that was going to be our race. 
I was able to get off the line clean and through the lead out getting to the single track third or forth wheel.
By the start of the second climb some moves were made and Jesse L and Erik T moved to the front with Dom chasing. I was content to sit in and hold on,,, First time up the manhandler I stood and 
pushed a bigger gear and worked on forming some gaps.
I think that it was lap two could have been three not sure,, but had Jeff Hall Finally catch up to me as he started in the last row,, he sat on my wheel through the bridge climb and came around on the flat jeep road, I could not stay with him  and just pushed on. 
Again all alone and watching out of the corner of my eye as I could see a hard charging Mason and holding tight to his wheel Kevin Seconds. 
Mason came around on the last lap and was happy to let him go I could not match his push as Kevin came around we rode together push it through the climbs and floating the descents. 
A small gap opened but was able to shut it down the last time up the Manhandler and thought that I had him where I needed to have him for the finish. 
I had already stated that at this point in time I was not out for any glory just to finish and collect point for the overall,,,,,,, The last hill was down right stupid,, a grassy ski hill with a 90 degree bend at the bottom some 40 yards wide,, I pinned it down the hill get well over 40mph,, coming in the corner I could hear Kevin taking the inside line at which point I did not contest,, was not willing to get hurt for a few extra points and a few extra dollars. 
All in all a good day on the bike felt good was able to make the bike move fast would have like it to have gone faster,, but it is what it is.. 
One more next weekend then that is it for racing with the PIP as she will be off to Ripon and the next Race of her Life.. 

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